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Liability in a Truck Accident

Guidance from a Skilled Injury Lawyer in Florida

When it comes to getting compensation following a truck accident, you need to know who to get compensation from. That comes down to determining who is liable for your accident.

This may seem straightforward, but it can become very complex when mechanical defects or company negligence come into play. Not only can you pursue a claim against the truck driver who caused the collision, but a third party that contributed as well.

Need help with determining liability in your case? Call the Florida truck accident lawyer at the firm!

Determining the Liable Party

Your main focus should be on recovering from your accident. That is why The Pittman Firm, P.A. is here to handle the complex legal obstacles for you. They can carefully assess every detail of your collision to identify which parties can be held accountable for the damages and injuries you suffered. In some cases, you may be able to secure compensation from multiple parties.

  • There are three main parties that can be considered in nearly every truck accident:
  • The truck driver. This person is responsible for their actions behind the wheel. Whether speeding or driving under the influence, their contribution makes them liable.
  • The truck company. They can be held responsible for failing to regulate their drivers, encouraging bad practices, or even not providing enough training.
  • The truck manufacturer. If faulty parts, defects, or other issues played a part in the collision, the manufacturer who created the vehicle may be partially held liable.

In addition to these main parties, you may also be able to hold a construction company or the government accountable for highway defects or damages that led to the incident. Mechanics and other individuals responsible for maintenance or repairs may also be held liable if negligence was involved.

Taking the Right Steps in Your Case

Every truck accident is unique, which means you need to be thorough when determining who may be at fault for your accident. More than that, you need a carefully crafted legal strategy to ensure all liable parties involved provide you with the fair compensation you deserve. Rather than trying to handle this complex time on your own, trust your case to the firm's truck accident attorney in Panama City, Florida.

The Pittman Firm, P.A. has the expertise, skill, and resources to handle your case. Don't wait to take action! Fill out a free case evaluation to start.


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