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COVID-19 Back to School Safety Tips

Now that school is back in session, you might be wondering if there is anything more you can do to protect your child from the current coronavirus pandemic. The Florida Department of Education has published some helpful resources on COVID-19 you might wish to peruse. Our Panama City personal injury attorney also has some pointers regarding back to school safety in the time of COVID-19.

Get Clear on Your Child’s School’s Safety Measures

If your child is attending in-person lessons at school, make sure you are clear on how the facility itself is working to curb the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important now that cases of the virus are rising in Florida schools.

If your child’s school has not already informed you on how they are implementing safety measures, ask. You have a right to know that your child’s safety and well-being is looked after. Understanding exactly what the school is doing to stop the spread of germs will help you better plan ahead.

Questions you may want to pose to your child’s school include:

  • How are spaces like classrooms and the cafeteria enforcing social distancing?
  • Have cleaning methods been improved and increased?
  • How often are high-touch surfaces disinfected?
  • Are hand-washing opportunities frequent?
  • Is hand sanitizer readily available?
  • Is the use of shared items being minimized?
  • Is there a mask policy in place for students, faculty, and staff?
  • Are students, faculty, and staff who feel sick required to stay at home?
  • What is the plan if someone at the school tests positive for COVID-19?

Remind Your Child About Everyday Precautions

Talk to your child about COVID-19 and what safety precautions they need to take—or at least remind them if it has been a while. Keep calm and use a positive tone. You can even make things like wearing a mask fun by making or buying your child a mask in their favorite color or featuring a character or theme they like.

Some basic precautions every parent and child should follow include:

  • Wear a new mask every day, and wash reusable masks after each use
  • Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds at a time
  • Remain at least six feet away from others when possible
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t share food or utensils with others

Depending on your child’s age, make sure they understand hand sanitizer is not for drinking and that it is appropriate to use it even if their hands aren’t visibly dirty. Your pediatrician can probably provide more thorough information specific to your child, so give them a call if you haven’t already.

Prepare for Anything

The above advice is probably obvious to parents, but we’ll reiterate it anyway. COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, and there’s a strong possibility there will be another wave of the illness before a vaccine is widely available. Especially as flu season approaches, be mindful that your child’s school may have to close and return to online learning if in-person classes become unsafe.

We hope that despite the unusual situation we are living in, you and your children are able to have a fun and safe school year. Take care!

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