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3 Pedestrian Safety Tips for Halloween

There are many holidays and celebrations – secular, religious, personal, and patriotic – spread throughout the calendar year. But only one holiday tops the charts when it comes to “spooky” decorations, flashy costumes, wild parties, and exciting trick-or-treating adventures. Get your Ouija Board ready; it’s Halloween!

The Horror of Halloween Car Accidents

Fortunately, the excitement of Halloween isn’t isolated to the night of October 31. In the next few weeks, you’re going to see countless people hitting the streets for movie marathons, haunted houses, and other spooktacular events – and hopefully, you’re one of them!

While it’s important to have fun, you also need to be safe. In October, people tend to flock the urban streets and neighborhoods of Florida for a variety of Halloween-related reasons. One of the most popular Halloween activities is partying loud enough to send the local ghouls back to their graves. Unfortunately, alcohol and pedestrians aren’t a favorable mix, especially when a motor vehicle is involved.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there are 6,000-7,000 pedestrian fatalities and over 160,000 nonfatal injuries reported every October. Most of these collisions can be attributed to intoxicated, reckless, and distracted drivers, and about 18% of the fatalities involve pedestrians at intersections and other road crossings.

It’s impossible to control the actions of others, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of avoiding a tragic collision. To this end, the pedestrian accident attorneys at The Pittman Firm, P.A. have compiled a list of tips to help you safely prowl the haunts and howls of Halloween.

Tip #1: Purchase a Safe, Colorful & Flashy Costume

  • Wear a costume that can be seen in the dark of the night.
  • Avoid donning a mask, wig, or hood that obstructs your vision.
  • Find a costume that doesn’t restrict your mobility.
  • If you’re going out at night, fasten reflective tape to your costume and props.
  • Not wearing a costume? Put on some reflective clothing to keep you safe.

Tip #2: Devise a Safety Plan

  • Let a friend or family member know what route you’re taking.
  • Tell this contact what time you expect to be home.
  • Download an app that offers live tracking, like MapMyFitness.
  • Keep your ID and some cash on hand in case of emergencies.

Tip #3: Going on a Night-Time Adventure? Plan Ahead!

  • Plan a safe walking route.
  • There’s safety in numbers, so get a group together, especially if you’re trick-or-treating.
  • Go forth into the night armed with a trusty flashlight.
  • Avoid jaywalking and stay on brightly-lit sidewalks.
  • Walk facing traffic so you can see and react to oncoming vehicles.
  • If you’re escorting children, don’t let them wander into unprotected streets.
  • Use extra caution when crossing the street at night.
  • Be wary of potential tripping hazards – a bad fall can land you in the street.
  • Avoid suspicious areas and people.
  • Keep your phone in your pocket so it can’t serve as a distraction.
  • Never assume that a driver can see you.
  • Never walk to a different location if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Injured on Halloween? Call The Pittman Firm, P.A.

We hope these pedestrian safety tips keep you and your loved ones safe this October. However, if you find yourself injured by a negligent driver and in need of legal representation, please contact the pedestrian accident lawyers at The Pittman Firm, P.A. Our client-driven team can investigate the circumstances that led to the collision, calculate your projected accident-related expenses, and represent your interests in court.

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