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What are No-Contact Auto Accidents?

In the average auto accident, it presumed that a negligent driver slammed into another motorist, causing damage and a crash. While this situation makes sense and seems typical, it is not the only way a bad car accident can occur. In many circumstances, two vehicles never touch each other, but a crash occurs all the same. This is known as a no-contact car accident.

Is No-Contact the Same as No Liability?

Imagine that another driver cut wildly into your lane while you were traveling the highway. You swerve to the right to prevent a crash with them, but as a result of your defensive maneuver, you hit into a low wall, suffering injuries. Even though the other driver did not hit you, technically, they did cause your crash due to their reckless driving. This is the basis of a no-contact auto accident.

The negligent driver in a no-contact auto accident does not escape liability for their actions. However, they may escape liability due to illegal actions, as in driving away from the scene of the crash. Negligent drivers may not even be aware they caused a no-contact crash and keep driving, never to be identified. If this happens to you, then do not worry just yet. There may be a chance to recover for your damages.

PIP & UM Insurance in Florida

A driver who causes an accident without hitting you and subsequently leaves without being identified is sometimes called a “phantom driver.” In Florida, your own personal injury protection (PIP) insurance should kick in and provide some coverage for your damages as a result of the phantom driver’s actions. Furthermore, if you have uninsured motorist (UM) insurance coverage, the phantom driver technically counts as an uninsured motorist. As such, this type of coverage should activate as well.

If for whatever reason your PIP or UM insurance provider is not willing to step in and help you, as your policy requires, it is time to turn to a lawyer for help. Attorney Wes Pittman of The Pittman Firm, P.A. proudly represents the seriously injured in a variety of case types, including catastrophic auto accidents. He has the skills and experience — 30+ years focused on injury law, in fact — needed to bring a claim against any driver, or against your own insurance company if need be.

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