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Can You Seek Compensation for Harm Caused by a Hospital Error?

Every staff member within a hospital has the strict responsibility to give medical care to patients that meets all acceptable standards of care. Deviating from the established expectations to any degree can constitute medical malpractice. Specifically, if medical malpractice happens in a hospital or in the context of patient hospitalization, it is known as a hospital error.

Common hospital errors that lead to patient injury or illness include:

  • Delaying treatment in urgent care
  • Diagnosis failures or misdiagnoses
  • Misplacing patient records
  • Mistaking one patient for another
  • Not sanitizing treatment areas between patients
  • Prescription errors at in-hospital pharmacies
  • Uncommunicative or uncooperative staff members
  • Unnecessary or incorrect surgery

Many recent students have found that hospital errors are not innocuous in the slightest. It is believed that nearly half-a-million Americans pass away due to a hospital error each year, which makes it the third leading cause of death in the country. This statistic is practically unimaginable, seeing that every hospital error is preventable with the proper amount of care and attention.

Seeking Compensation After a Hospital Error

Have you or a loved one been hurt by a hospital error? Or, did your health condition worsen due to a hospital error? You deserve compensation and justice for the wrongdoing, and you also need to think about how to protect your health from further harm. You should not stop treatments outright, but you should discuss your concerns with your medical provider and ask for a different primary care physician if they caused the harm.

When you are no longer in immediate danger of more harm being done by a negligent medical provider, it is time to call (850) 764-0383 and connect with The Pittman Firm, P.A. Led by Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney Wes Pittman, the law firm can help you create an injury claim strengthened by convincing evidence, such as your own medical record and the safety record of the hospital that mistreated you. The firm makes itself available 24/7 for new clients in need of legal representation. Fill out a contact form for a no-cost case evaluation at any time.


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