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How a Catastrophic Injury Can Lead to a Future of Costs & Consequences

How a Catastrophic Injury Can Lead to a Future of Costs & ConsequencesA catastrophic injury is any personal injury severe enough to cause immediate disability or lifelong consequences. Common examples of catastrophic injuries include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and chronic illnesses caused by repeated toxic exposure or the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. People who suffer catastrophic injuries should be given medical attention as soon as possible and often require hospitalization. While the cost of emergency treatments and a hospital stay will be steep, the future costs and consequences of a catastrophic injury can be even worse.

Rehabilitation & Negative Lifestyle Changes

A catastrophic injury patient will likely need more treatment after initial hospitalization concludes. Rehabilitation sessions can be scheduled for weeks, months, or years to help the patient adjust to the permanence or severity of their injury or condition. Some rehabilitative treatments involve relearning motor skills lost due to the injury. Other rehabilitation methods can allow the patient to regain cognitive abilities and their memory, a treatment necessity common to brain injury cases. No matter the type of rehabilitation, it can be quite costly. The payments for it should not come out of the pockets of the injured when they did not cause the accident.

Furthermore, someone living with a catastrophic injury is likely to experience negative lifestyle changes. For example, someone who became paralyzed in a car accident will need to get used to life in a wheelchair, may need to change where they live for accessibility, and might not be able to keep gainful employment in their chosen career field. All of these consequences have their associated costs, whether they are economic like lost wages or noneconomic like a lessened enjoyment of life.

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Wes Pittman, a leading and trusted Florida personal injury attorney, can help you seek every last penny you deserve after you suffer a catastrophic injury caused by a negligent third party. Using the knowledge and insight he has gained through his 30+ years of legal experience, he can pinpoint liability, utilize strong evidence, and construct a solid claim. From the first day of your case to the last, Attorney Pittman’s priorities are your comfort and your maximum recovery.

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