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Trucking Accidents Caused by Brake System Failures

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds without violating federal trucking regulations. As a result, the average big rig places an enormous amount of weight and pressure on its braking systems. If the brakes fail while the truck is in motion, total control might be taken away from the trucker, resulting in a devastating truck accident.

Trucking Company Liability in Brake Failure-Related Crashes

When a truck’s braking system fails, the question of liability can be difficult to answer. At a cursory glance, it can seem simple to put blame on the brake manufacturing company. After all, it is entirely feasible that a brake system was produced defectively, resulting in the crash.

However, if you have been hurt in a truck accident related to a brake failure, it is important to also consider how the trucker or the parent trucking company could also be responsible. Pinpointing liability is crucial if you want to get every possible penny of fair compensation to pay for your damages, like medical bills and lost wages.

Truckers and trucking companies should be aware of the rapid wear-and-tear that can happen to a commercial truck’s brakes. In order to catch damage or defects before an accident is caused, routine maintenance should be scheduled. With a brake system checkup conducted on a regular timeline, or based on the mileage of the truck, a trucker or trucking company may reduce their liability in a crash by showing some attempt to prevent failure. At this point, it is also worth noting that the mechanic that services a truck could become liable to some extent if a serious defect or damage goes unnoticed or unfixed.

Your Legal Advocates After a Truck Accident

Knowing actual liability after being hurt in a truck accident can be difficult, even when you know the cause of the accident itself, such as a brake failure. You will not want to have to sort through the details on your own, especially if you are also trying to heal from a severe injury.

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