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5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse & What to Do If You See Them

Nursing home abuse and neglect is an awful problem made all the more worse by the fact that most cases go unreported. The elders subjected to abuse and neglect often do not know who to reach for help, or may even lack the cognizance to realize the abuse is happening to them. This situation often puts the responsibility of noticing and stopping abuse in nursing homes and assisted living facilities on the shoulders of loved ones who visit or keep in contact with them.

Five common indicators of nursing home abuse are:

  • Unexplained bruising: Elders are far more susceptible to bruising than younger people, but not so much so that bruising will occur all the time and without reason. If your elder cannot remember or will not tell you how they were bruised or cut, it could be indicative of physical abuse.
  • Bedsores: A nursing home with enough attendants and attendants completing their tasks routinely will be able to ensure elders do not develop bedsores. Failing to change bedding or make an elder change position to stop bedsores is a common form of nursing home neglect.
  • Dehydration: Another common type of nursing home neglect is exhibited through dehydration or malnutrition. Even an elder who does not want or need to eat too much throughout a given day should not become malnourished because of it. Orderlies must ensure all elders are eating and drinking appropriate amounts of fluid, or set up IV systems when necessary.
  • Fear of an individual: Pay close attention to how your elderly loved one interacts with different orderlies, attendants, and other nursing home residents. Reclusion, quietness, or fear near someone in particular could indicate that person has been intentionally harming your elder.
  • Missing property: Elders in assisted living facilities are often not in possession of too many items, allowing them to more easily keep track of their things. If something has gone missing, you may need to consider if it was stolen, especially if your elder’s financial accounts have diminished seemingly without explanation.

Reacting to Nursing Home Abuse Suspicions

In less severe cases of nursing home neglect, such as the first signs of bedsores or malnutrition, you may wish to talk to a manager at the nursing home about the problem. However, if you suspect that any intentional harm has been carried out against your elderly loved one, the situation needs to be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Notify the authorities of your suspicions, as they may have other complaints or investigations open regarding the same facility. Make plans at once to transfer the care of your loved one to another home. Lastly, get a nursing home abuse attorney on your side right away.

Bay County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Wes Pittman

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