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Potentially Liable Parties in a Fireworks Accident Case

In its purpose, a firework is a dangerous item. It is meant to explode, combust, spark, or spray. Yet, a firework is still a product sold to consumers, which means it has to be manufactured in a way that minimizes the risk of harm and injury to the people purchasing it.

If someone is hurt by a firework, then it might be possible to pursue compensation with a product liability claim. Evidence collection and use in such claims are crucial, as the plaintiff will have to prove they used the firework in accordance to the safety instructions included with the product.

Safety instructions for fireworks should include:

  • How to light the firework.
  • How far away to stand once lit.
  • Typical combustion type (upwards, horizontal, etc.).
  • Unsafe environments in which to use the firework.
  • Safe storage practices for the product.

A firework sold without any safety instructions may make the product manufacturer entirely or mostly accountable for any resulting damages. It is highly advised that you never buy any fireworks from an unofficial vendor or brand, as it might be difficult, if not impossible, to track the manufacturer down in case of a defect.

Premises Liability in a Fireworks Accident Claim

Another party that may be liable for harm done in a fireworks accident is the host of the event that included fireworks, or the property owner. People or companies that invite people to come see or use fireworks have a duty to take reasonable steps to keep guests and visitors safe. It is the same premises liability statute that applies in virtually any other situation in which someone gets hurt on the property of another party. Failing to take precautions can make them liable for any harm done.

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