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Driving Tips to Stay Safe On Your Winter Vacation

Winter vacation is just about here and many Floridians are planning leaving the Sunshine State for colder climates. A vacation up in the Appalachians or visiting friends and family further up north can be a great change of scenery for a while. However, it also means you will be subjected to wintry condition driving that may be completely alien to you. While parts of Florida have seen snow in the past, it is a rare thing indeed. Do you know what to do to stay safe while driving through ice, snow, and frost? You should.

Review this list of driving safety tips for cold climates before you head out on winter vacation:

  • Slow and steady: The three-second rule of driving is no longer enough when there is snow and ice on the roads. Increase your follow distance to eight seconds at least to ensure you will have enough time to brake in case of an emergency. However, in heavy snowfall that obscures the road, do not get so far behind that you can no longer see the taillights of the other driver ahead of you. They can act as an easy-to-follow beacon out of the snowstorm.
  • Control the slide: Probably the most terrifying thing about driving in colder climates is hitting a patch of ice and losing control of your vehicle. If this happens to you, do your best not to panic and make jerky reactions, like stomping the brake or yanking the steering wheel. You need to take your foot off both pedals and smoothly steer your vehicle in the direction you want to go. It is possible that your car may spin 360 degrees or more, but the best thing you can do is keep trying to move the steering wheel back towards your intended direction as your car starts to slow down.
  • Maintain tires: Speaking of controlling your vehicle in a slide, your tires are more important than ever when you are in frosty driving conditions. Each time you plan on heading back out into the cold, check your PSI and treading. Pack tire chains if your winter vacation is going to go somewhere you know there will be inclines and declines covered in inches of snow.
  • Get gas: See if you can plan your trip rest points at gas stations so you can always top off your gas tank. Keeping your gas tank at least half full will help prevent the gas line from freezing.
  • Wait it out: The surest way to stay out of a car accident in the snow is to not drive in the snow. If you can postpone part of your vacation plans to allow the bad weather to pass, you should. Maybe your hotel has plenty of fun amenities to enjoy?

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