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How to Avoid a Truck Driver's Blind Spots

Large trucks can pose a big threat, even though we share the road with them every day. Because of their enormous size, drivers can have a difficult time seeing every car around them. The blind spots of a truck can hide entire cars in them, and if a driver isn’t aware that you are there, you may be involved in a truck accident.

While passenger cars also have blind spots, the size of a semi-truck’s blind spots make driving near them risky. Trucks have 4 large blind spots to avoid:

  • Directly in front of the truck. The hood of a truck blocks a significant portion of the driver’s forward view. When merging or driving in front of a truck, ensure that you can see the entire front of the truck, including the headlights, in your rearview mirror. This will allow the driver to see you, and can maintain space in case you need to stop.
  • Directly behind the truck. If you are following a truck, the trailer will block much of the driver’s view in their mirrors. When following a truck stay back far enough that you can see their side mirrors. If you cannot, the driver may not know you are there.
  • To the left and right sides of the truck. Truck drivers will not be able to see you if you are traveling alongside the trailer. On the left side, the blind spot tends to extend across one lane, but on the right side it can extend across two lanes.

Avoiding Truck Accidents

When driving near trucks, you can take precautions to avoid an accident. It can be difficult to completely avoid blind spots, but you can minimize their risk with these tips:

  • Don’t linger in blind spots. If you suspect that the driver doesn’t see you, move.
  • Never pass on the right. Always pass trucks on the left side, and don’t wait beside a truck making a wide right turn at an intersection. They may not see you, and they will need the space to maneuver.
  • When passing trucks, do so quickly.
  • When switching lanes in front of a truck, allow plenty of space between you and the truck. Check to see if you can see both headlights in your rearview before merging.
  • When following a truck, allow extra space for sudden stops. A passenger car can go under the end of a trailer, often with deadly results.
  • Have patience. Large trucks move slowly and carefully for a reason. Stay safe and give them extra space.

Treating truck drivers with consideration and allowing them extra space to maneuver can save lives. Always be cautious when traveling near a truck, and be prepared to get out of the way if they make an unexpected move. Avoiding blind spots is one simple habit that can protect you and your passengers.

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