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Shocking: Driver for Hire Accused of Multiple Murders

People and victims in a small town in Michigan are in shock over a string of violent murders that took place over an otherwise calm weekend in late February. The violence has left many asking a number of questions including what the accused murderer was trying to prove and whether the company he worked for had any responsibility for what happened.

Smartphone apps that allow a person to order a driver on demand have increased in popularity over the last few years. They have all but replaced the more traditional taxi and shuttle services that for decades have served as part of the American way of life when it comes to getting from point A to point B. In the wake of that transformation questions have surfaced about the new service’s safety, reliability, and accountability.

Random Murders

It is being reported by papers and news outlets nationwide that a driver for one of these smartphone app companies randomly shot and murdered six people and assaulted others while going around picking people up for rides. In fact, one of his passengers actually asked the man, jokingly, whether he was the active shooter that had been identified by news outlets as the murders were taking place.

The victims were seemingly picked at random, and authorities are not sure why this man went around allegedly committing these crimes. The accused was apparently a fan of firearms, but nothing in his past indicated that he was capable of committing an atrocity like this. At a court hearing the man pled not guilty and appeared emotionless as he was sent before a judge after the killings.

A Company’s Duty to Investigate Employees

When something like this happens, many questions about how to prevent them and protect against them rise in number. One important tool to prevent some travesties is the background check that many companies have a duty to perform before hiring someone. Such background checks are even more important when an employee is going to be in constant contact with the public. No employee is in more contact with the public than those who work in the public transportation industry.

Historically, taxi and cab companies hire their drivers after a series of tests and background checks. This ensured that they were safe to interact with the public and provide transportation that puts a person in a vulnerable position. Other employees in similar categories are truck drivers, delivery employees and salesman. In all of those situations the company has a duty to investigate their background, or face the consequences of what happens when they act negligently or willfully to harm the public.

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