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Robot Car Crashes into Bus

The future is here. One giant tech company is the leader in driverless car technology, but that technology recently backfired as reports are in that one of their cars ran into a bus in California. That these cars get into accidents is not new, many such accidents have happened in the past. But this was the first time where the driverless car was at fault.

According to the official report by the DMV, the involved was on a street that was compromised by sandbags in the road. When the car approached alongside a bus, it could not slow down because it anticipated the bus would slow down during a merge. Nobody was hurt, but it does example the dangers that are present when a driverless car is let loose on the roads, never mind the dangers that are present when a car is driven by a human.

The idea of a driverless fleet of vehicles getting us to and from the places we need to be is enticing. By using machines to do our driving, it will free us up to be able to do more while in a car, and hopefully mechanize driving so that roads are safer. But the reality of this new way of driving may present a different scenario altogether.

Driverless Cars and Safety Issues

One large issue with driverless cars is how they anticipate and react to human driving when sharing the road. Humans are capable of infinite decisions in any given moment, so it would be demonstrably difficult for a car driven by a computer, powered by software, to anticipate which of those numberless decisions a person will make while driving.

Another big issue with computer operated cars is what happens during a software malfunction. Imagine driving down the road at 80 mph when a driverless car malfunction and steers into oncoming traffic.

Another issue - hacking a computer operated car. We live in a world that is always under the threat of bad people hacking our computers and stealing information to use for nefarious purposes. If cars are driven using computer software, what happens if a hacker overtakes the system and causes accidents, holds drivers hostage, or destroys valuable property?

Of course, many of these threats exist with people driving. We see what happens we people driving cars make negligent decisions that cause harm to other drivers. Every day in the Panama City area, drivers get in their cars with the hope of getting to work, drop the kids at school, or go out to eat. Inevitably, one or more drivers gets into an accident that can cause life changing results.

Panama City Area Accident and Injury Attorney

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