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As Spring Break Approaches, Safety Concerns Rise

There is no doubt that spring break is a boon for our local Panama City area economy. The influx of visitors and tourists brings much needed dollars that help fund important programs our community relies on. With the influx of visitors, tourists, and dollars comes safety concerns that we should all be aware of. Drunk driving, distracted driving, and other negligent behaviors all increase as we approach the popular spring break season.

These concerns are intensified when one considers what segment of the population grows in number for us during spring break. College-age students will swell our numbers, and they are just not known for making good decisions all the time. Some of the following are areas we can all be diligent in.

Watch out for Drunk Drivers

Drinking goes hand in hand with spring break for college-age students. Because they need to get from place to place and to the beach, many make the negligent and harmful choice to drive drunk. Drunk drivers pose a danger to everyone in their path. Once a driver is inebriated, reaction times are delayed, decision making is impaired, and the ability to drive safely is reduced. This is the very definition of a careless, negligent decision.

If a person chooses to drive drunk, and then gets into an accident, he or she will be liable for the damages caused. Looking for signs of an impaired driver can help you prevent getting into an accident. Swerving on the road, driving without lights on, and erratic driving patterns are some of the classic signs that a person is driving inebriated. If you see this, steer clear of such drivers and give them a wide berth.

Distracted Driving and the Risks

Another risky behavior that increases as college age visitors come to our area is distracted driving. All of us have become dependent on technology in one way or another, but members of the rising generation are even more likely to use technology in every facet of their lives. While technological advances can be a boon, they also come with risks. Driving while using an electronic device is dangerous and can cause the same kind of harm that drinking and driving does.

The college-aged and teens are more likely to being using technology and driving than any other age groups. When they do, and get into accidents, they and their insurers will be responsible for the damage they cause. Again, as with drunk driving, avoidance is the best policy, but sometimes running into a distracted driver cannot be avoided.

Panama City Area Accident and Injury Attorney

If you are injured in an accident with someone who was driving drunk or distracted, you will likely have a case against them for negligence. At The Pittman Firm, we focus our practice on helping victims of these kinds of accidents recover what is their just and fair compensation. This can include hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and others. If you have been injured in an accident in the Panama City Area, contact us. We will go over your case with you for free.

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