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5 Ways a Spine Injury Can Change Your Life

The brain send messages down to the spinal cord, which instruct the latter to commit movement. The spinal cord causes muscles and limbs in our body to move. However, if a person experiences an injury to the spine, it can cause more than just pain, it can change the way you live your life. Spine injuries can be serious and life-changing.

Common ways in which your life can change after a spinal injury:

1.Affects mobility – Spine injuries can affect your body’s movement. Injuries to the spine block the messages the brain tries to send to get your body to move. You may lose the ability to walk, move your hands, move your neck, or more. This affects how you get around in life.

2.Strain relationships – Before a spine injury, you may have enjoyed the freedom of independence. However, after the injury, you will probably be dependent on a loved one or caretaker to help you with everyday tasks. Frustration can arise because of the interaction. Not only does this affect your mood, it can affect your relationship with the person helping. Your friendships may suffer as well because you can no longer do things you were able to. This can limit the outings you go on.

3.Change quality of life – Many spinal injury victims report a reduced quality of life and acknowledge depression and low spirits. The dependence on others and the lack of ability to care for one’s self can cause great frustration and anger. The little things you used to enjoy, such as trying on new clothes or holding a warm mug of tea, no longer hold the same appeal.

4.Affects future goals and aspiration – If you wanted to be an athlete or firefighter, your chances are reduced because of a spine injury. You will need to reconsider plans you formed for your future because of the damage.

5.Chronic pain – Certain spinal injuries may cause chronic pain that cannot be cured. Victims will need to go to rehabilitation and therapy to manage the effects of the injury and pain.

Spine injuries can change your life in the blink of an eye. If you experienced an injury because of negligence or someone else’s carelessness, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact our Panama City personal injury attorneys to learn about your rights.

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