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Plumber Sues Auto Dealership

It happens every day. A car or truck owner walks into a dealership to trade in a vehicle for a new ride. When a Texas plumber did this seemingly everyday activity last year it did not go as planned, expected, or wanted. Soon after he traded in his old truck for a newer version he started receiving calls from all over the country asking him why he sold his truck to the international terrorist organization known as ISIS.

Of course, the Texas plumber had no idea what all these people calling him were talking about until he saw the picture that circulated around the entire internet. In that picture is his old truck with his company’s logo on the driver’s side door with his phone number at the bottom. Also in the photo are masked terrorists firing a large weapon from the truck’s bed. He was shocked and appalled to learn that his truck ended up in the hands of ISIS.

Business Decline and Lawsuit

Following the revelation that his truck was being used by ISIS to conduct their campaign for domination in the Middle East, the plumber started receiving negative and even frightening responses from the public. People called threatening him and his business lost a significant portion of business due to the negative publicity. As a result, the man decided to sue the dealership where he traded in his truck.

The lawsuit was based on several issues. First, according to the man, the dealership agreed to take his business’s name and number off of the truck before sending it somewhere else. Second, due to their failure to comply with that agreement, his plumbing business lost money. Third, because of the calls and attention he received after the picture surfaced on the internet, he suffered great emotional distress.

The question remains as to how a Texas plumber’s truck can end up in Syria as the property of ISIS. After doing some research it was discovered that the truck was sold at auction and then shipped to Turkey. After the truck ended up in Turkey it somehow made its way across the border and into the hands of ISIS.

Emotional Distress and Damages

Recovering for emotional damages can take one of several forms under Florida law. Under the theory of intentional infliction of emotional distress a litigant can sue a person when they commit some act against them that is outrageous, intentional, and causes severe emotional distress. A person can recover the emotional damages that a person suffers in connection with physical damages as well. This can happen in any event of negligence from a car accident to an incident when a person slips and falls in a slippery surface at a store.

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