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Should You Bicycle While Drunk?

If you believe riding a bicycle as a mode of transportation while inebriated is a safe option, you are wrong. Bikes are vehicles that can cause extensive injury if not handled carefully. Excessive drinking impairs both motor skills and judgement. Riding a bike while drunk puts the rider’s life at risk and endangers others on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 742 bicycling deaths and over 48,000 injuries connected to bike accidents. Cyclists are exposed to the elements and the dangers of the road. A bike rider needs to take precautions and follow safe biking practices when riding. If that person is drunk, they cannot do so. Drunk riders may forget to wear a helmet, disobey traffic signs, or swerve on to the road. Not only can they cause car accidents, they can hit pedestrians. This makes biking while drunk almost as dangerous as drunk driving.

Florida recognizes bicycles as vehicles. A police officer can stop a drunk cyclist and charge them with a DUI. If convicted, they can face the same charges as auto DUIs.

If arrested for a DUI, Florida cyclists may face:

  • Up to a $2,000 fine
  • 6-9 months in jail
  • 50 hours of community service

If you believe biking is a safer alternative to driving drunk, you should reconsider. Riding drunk can be just as dangerous. You risk causing extensive injuries or sustaining painful wounds. At The Pittman Firm, P.A., we believe citizens have a right to safe transportation. If you were involved in a bicycle accident where the cyclist was drunk, you may be eligible for compensation. Our Panama City personal injury attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of injured Florida victims. Injured in a bike accident? Contact our firm today! We will aggressively fight for you!


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