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Federal Government Issues Warning for Hoverboard Users

Once the craze of old and young alike, hoverboard users are facing a real danger that has ignited warnings from the federal government. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a warning about certain dangers that hoverboards pose to their users. In addition, the commission warned that marketing traditionally meant to inspire confidence in consumers from a respected organization does not necessarily mean that a hoverboard is safe.

While falling from a hoverboard and being injured is an obvious risk to those who use them, there are other, hidden risks that consumers could never had expected. One of the hidden hazards that is filling headlines and news outlets with stories is the fact that hoverboards are prone to explode in a ball of flames. This hidden danger is generally thought to come from the hoverboard batteries that can explode into flames.

Stories on Hoverboard Dangers

A family in the UK recently had a bout with the exploding hoverboards. Two children were in their family room when their hoverboard erupted into flames. A nearby teen got the children out of the home and danger, but the potential danger that was present would send chills up any parent’s spine.

Another horrifying story came out of California about a flaming hoverboard. There, a house fire that killed two dogs was blamed by the owners on their hoverboard. And other stories abound on how hoverboards can cause serious injury to their users. In fact, the company Amazon is offering to buy back any hoverboards that were purchased on their website.

Product Liability Laws in Florida

Luckily for consumers in Florida, there are laws designed to protect consumers who are injured by dangerous products. These protections are known as product liability laws. In essence, product liability laws require any company in the commercial chain of a product to be held liable when their products are dangerous to a point of injuring a person. That means a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, or retail sales company can all be held liable when a product runs afoul of safety norms and injures a consumer.

Oftentimes a company will not even know that their product is dangerous until it begins hurting people. Even when a company does not know their product poses hazards to their consumers, they will still be held liable for the damages caused. If a company does know about the danger, and continues to sell a harmful product, then the law will seek to penalize that company for their misconduct. In either instance, the people injured are the real victims and should be protected by Florida’s laws.

At The Pittman Firm we go after wrongdoers who negligently cause harm to members of the Panama City area community. Our practice ranges from car accident injuries to recovering just compensation to people injured by dangerous products. When it comes to dangerous products, we are very aggressive in fighting your case. If you have been injured in an accident, or injured by a faulty product, contact us. We will talk with you and help you through this difficult time in your life.

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