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Federal Agency Moves to Improve Truck Safety

In a recent announcement, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed a new regulation the agency hopes will improve safety for those sharing the roads with large trucks. This proposed rule is a remake of current standards set to inspect and rate the safety of trucking companies.

The FMCSA is tagged with the job of regulating the trucking industry, no small feat. It is estimated that the trucking industry moves over 9 billion tons of goods throughout the country each year. While a necessary section of our nation’s infrastructure, it comes with costs. One of those costs is what happens when large trucks collide with smaller vehicles injuring innocent drivers and passengers.

As part of their job, the FMCSA periodically issues rules that trucking companies must abide by to stay in compliance with the law. These rules are designed to protect those of us who use the nation’s roads. This newest rule is known as the Safety Fitness Determination rule.

What the Rule Will Do

Under the new rule, the agency would inspect thousands of trucking companies each month and determine whether they are safe to continue operating. The agency would conduct random inspections and rely on data reported by trucking companies to make the determination. If a company fails an inspection or report, they will be labeled by the agency as unfit. If labeled unfit, the company will have to go through agency mandated measures to become compliant.

As part of making an unfit determination, the agency is going to focus on several key parts of reporting. Included are hours of service violation and basic safety inspections such as equipment failures. This is important because more and more truck drivers are pushed to the limits of the number of hours they are allowed to drive.

The hope of the rule is that companies will be proactive in correcting safety issues, and that those who fail will be taken off the road. The rule was met with fierce opposition by trucking industry leaders. A group of trucking companies and organizations are going to sue the agency over whether it has the authority to pass the rule.

A Panama City Area Truck Accident Law Firm

Florida has more highway and freeway roads than any other state in the nation. Our system of roads, tunnels, and bridges host countless numbers of large trucks as they go about their business. But unfortunately for some drivers of normal sized cars and trucks, large commercial trucks get into accidents and cause great harm. That harm can affect people and families forever.

At The Pittman Firm, our practice is dedicated to helping victims of trucking accidents receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a big-rig, contact us. When a truck driver makes the negligent decision to go over his hours limit, or disregard traffic rules, the trucking company should be made to pay for the damage it causes. When you contact us, we will help you evaluate your options, and provide you with the legal counsel your case needs.


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