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Florida Supreme Court to Hear Malpractice Case Over Patient Suicide

The Florida Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments over a tragic case that has worked its way through the Florida court system over the last several years. The case involves legal challenge to the way a doctor treated (or failed to treat) one of his patients who later committed suicide.

The case was first heard by a trial court that decided the case on summary judgement before it went to the jury. At trial, the court found that a doctor does not have a duty to prevent an unforeseeable suicide in a patient. The Second District Court of Appeals disagreed and reversed that holding, and now it is up to the Supreme Court of Florida to decide.

What Happened in the Case

The tragic set of facts leading up to this case involve a woman who was using antidepressants prescribed by her doctor. At some point during her use of a certain type of antidepressant, she decided to quit taking them because of how the side effects of the drug made her feel. In addition to the side effects of the antidepressants, the woman had troubles with her stomach and wanted that resolved, as well.

Because of all the problems she was having, she called her doctor’s office and spoke with the doctor’s medical assistant. She related what her problems were and that she had not felt right for the last few months. She included in her call the fact that she was crying easily, not sleeping well, and taking sleeping pills. The medical assistant wrote down the message and left if for the doctor.

The doctor looked at the message and decided to change her antidepressants to a different drug and to schedule her with a gastroenterologist. He did not schedule her for an appointment, or ask her to come in to talk about what was going on in her life. He told her to come into the office and get samples of the new medicine, which she did.

The next day the woman’s husband found her in their garage, having hung herself to death. After learning about her interactions with the doctor’s office, the surviving husband sued the doctor for failing to see his wife and take care of the problems that caused her to commit suicide.

Court Decision to Have Major Implications

This case will have major implications for Florida medical malpractice law. The trial court ruled that the doctor did not have a duty to prevent an unforeseeable suicide in one of his patients. But the husband’s legal team sees the case differently.

As they see it, the doctor had a duty to act reasonably towards his patient. By not setting an appointment and examining her after complaints of crying easily, failing to sleep, and stomach problems, the doctor breached that duty and caused her to commit suicide. If the court upholds the family’s position and lets the case go to trial, it could mean that more victims of malpractice could make claims on their physicians.

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