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Florida Dog Attack Getting National Attention

A dog attack that happened in Bradenton, Florida is receiving national media attention. The typical penalty for a dog that attacks someone in Florida is that the dog be destroyed. Animal rights activists have come out in force to protest on behalf of the dog in this case. They have gone so far as to call the dog’s owner every day to see how he and the dog are holding up.

The dog in question, Padi, is a rescue who lives with a local Bradenton veterinarian and often goes to work with the veterinarian. It was at the veterinarian’s office where, it is reported, the dog was provoked by a four-year-old boy. The reports indicate that the boy cornered the dog under a desk, and that is when the dog lunged at and attacked the boy.

As a result of the attack, the boy suffered severe injuries. Part of the boy’s ear was ripped off, and that is to say nothing of the emotional damage that the boy will suffer. The dispute of what happened in the office, and whether the dog or the boy is at fault, is causing the swell in support on behalf of the dog and news reports to be published around the country.

Florida Law on Dog Bites

Florida has several laws related to dog bites. There are laws that deal with what should happen to a dog, and laws that deal with liability an owner can face if a dog attacks someone. Under Florida Statutes 767.13(2) a dog who attacks and causes injury to a person must be:

  • Confiscated immediately by a local animal authority

  • Held in quarantine if the dog is diseased, or if not, by the local animal authority for at least ten days

  • After the ten days is over the dog must be destroyed in a humane way, or put another way, euthanized

The ten day period that the dog must be held gives an owner the chance to appeal to a judge to stay the destruction of the dog. Before a judge can decide the fate of a dog, the local animal authority has to conduct an investigation to determine if the dog is dangerous, and the court should use that investigation to make its decision.

Included in Florida's laws on dog bites are penalties the owner of a dog who bites might face. For example, if a dog owner knows that the dog is dangerous and has a propensity to bite, and the owner acts recklessly, he or she can be convicted of a second degree misdemeanor. Additionally, when a dog bites someone, the owner will be held liable for the damages the dog causes, minus any damages caused because the person being bit was being negligent.

Panama City Area Dog Bite Attorney

This case illustrates how serious dog bites can be. At The Pittman Firm, we bring lawsuits on behalf of dog-bite victims so that they can be justly and fairly compensated for their pain and suffering. If you are the victim of a dog bit in the Panama City area, contact us. We will evaluate your case and provide you with your legal options.

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