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How to Avoid Being Victimized Twice by an Accident

What should you do if you're driving and another vehicle hits you? It's just as important to know what NOT to do. Too many people who are hurt become victims a second time by making the wrong decisions. First, they are the victims of a bad driver. By making bad decisions after the wreck, they become victims again, typically of the insurance companies.

Here's a scenario that's become an epidemic. The wreck happens. The injured person goes to the emergency room. Within hours at the hospital or at home, a phone call comes from an insurance adjuster for the guy who hit you. He talks nice and friendly, says how sorry he is that you were hurt, and that he's there to help. To become a victim twice from the wreck, go ahead and talk to him.

Let him take the recorded statement he'll ask for, as he'll say, "Just so I can document my file." You'll be his at that point. Then, it's easy to be led down the path by the adjuster intent upon manipulating you into giving up your case for pennies on the dollar, because by then he will have gained your confidence through the sales techniques adjusters are taught.

State regulations require an adjuster to be fair, but what's on paper and what actually happens are different things. Why do adjusters beat a path to injured people's doors? They know with certainty, like the gambling casinos know the odds are stacked in their favor, that if they can keep wreck victims from getting professional help, they will save a bundle of money, all at injured peoples' expense.

The claims manual for one of America's biggest auto insurance companies tells its adjusters to get there fast, before the victim has a chance to call an attorney, and to get the confidence of that victim. The manual tells them that the company on average will pay only one-third of the value of the injuries if the adjuster can prevent the hurt person from hiring a good injury attorney.

Don't become a victim the second time. Injury cases are complex. You need help, so get it.


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