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Hidden "Missiles" in Car May Pose Safety Risk

The world can be a dangerous place. Even before we leave the house each morning, a range of dangers exist which might result in serious injury, from falling down the stairs to being hurt by some faulty electrical appliance. There is no way to completely guard against all of these dangers. However, our Panama City injury attorney understands that there is a difference between not being able to eliminate all risks and failing to act reasonably to minimize the chance of a serious accident. The civil law actually requires all community members to act reasonably to prevent unnecessary risks from being taken which might harm others.

Besides avoiding legal liability, it is often just a matter of prudent living to eliminate preventable dangers. Some dangers may not be immediately apparent, however. For example, the News Herald reported this week on the need for parents to be wary of objects in the car which may act at "projectiles" injuring children inside a vehicle. Local law enforcement officials are trying to raise awareness of these missiles inside vehicles with the goal of preventing more serious injury following car accidents.

The main concern is that there are often loose but heavy objects in a car which may fly around the vehicle in the middle of a traffic collision. If the object makes contact with a passenger in the car, the potential for injury is real--particularly if the object hits a child. For example, in examination the reporter's SUV for the story, a police officer explained that the tire iron and car jack placed in the rear truck of the vehicle were dangers.

Many local residents probably have similar objects in their vehicles not realizing that they pose a risk of severe harm. If the SUV is involved in an accident that unsecured jack or iron may end up being tossed around the car. Police officers explain that in the past these loose objects have been documented to severely injury or even kill passengers. The Panama City car accident attorney at our firm is aware that these risks are much higher in vehicles with open trucks, like SUVs, because the design of the vehicle makes it far more likely for loose objects to be stored but not secured.

Beyond "missiles," local law enforcement officers have also noted that there remain many problems with the way that children's car seats are used by area drivers. For one thing, many residents are unaware that car seats can expire. The plastic on the seats can wear out, making the seat unsafe for children. Many car seats bought at consignment stores, for example, may actually be expired. Even if not expired, used car seats may have hidden deficiencies which mean the device offers little protection in an accident. Using only car seats that have a known history is a clear way to avoid this risk.

At the end of the day, even if reasonable safety precautions are followed, there is a chance that one may be injured in a preventable accident. The Panama City car accident attorney at our firm continues to help those in this and surrounding communities who have been hurt, in part, because of the misconduct of others. If you or a family member is ever injured, be sure to contact a legal professional in our area to guarantee that your rights are respected.


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