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Panama City Woman's Club Spreading the Word About Distracted Driving

Enormous strides have been made in car safety technology over the past few decades. Bodies of vehicles are stronger than ever, air bags are standard, new gas tank designs limit explosions, and numerous other changes have been made in an effort to keep travelers safe. However, our Panama City car accident lawyer knows that in our area--and throughout the country--car accidents remain the leading cause of preventable injury and death.

A large part of the problem lies with the conduct of travelers. The same technology advances that have allowed cars to be safer have also provided a range of distractions for those behind the wheel. Distracted driving has truly become an epidemic in most places, with drivers finding it impossible to avoid talking, texting, and otherwise keeping their mind and eyes on the road. As a result, many accidents occur which would have been prevented had drivers been paying full attention to the task in front of them.

One local group is hoping to raise awareness of the wide range of activities that constitute distracted driving. As reported in the News-Herald, the Gulf Coast Woman's Club recently set up a booth at the Panama City Mall where they shared information about distracted driving. They explained that "any activity that takes attention away from driving [is a distraction], like eating or drinking, smoking, grooming, and objects brought into the vehicle such as purses and sunglasses." Our Panama City injury lawyer has been working in this area for years and knows that distraction while behind the wheel has been an issue even before it gained widespread attention in the information age.

To help raise awareness of these issues among local residents, and hopefully save lives, the Women's Group took pledges from area residents, answered questions, and handed out bumper stickers. All told, almost four hundred people pledged to drive distraction free. In addition to the collections at the mall, the group sponsored a design contest among local students. The winning entry included the slogan, "Life's a Gift, Don't Wreck It."

It is hoped that the simple message, design, and campaign will help younger drivers think twice whenever they are behind the wheel on the phone. In addition, Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki supported the campaign by signing a proclamation to kick off the event. The Mayor also signed a pledge to avoid distracted driving himself.

Explaining how the group decided upon the awareness effort, the group's President noted, "Many of us have been rear-ended more than once on Baldwin Road." Of course being rear-ended is one thing, but many community members have faced far worse. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, it is important to get in touch with a Florida car accident attorney.

An experienced legal professional will ensure that the situation is properly analyzed to determine if any distractions--or other forms of negligence--may have played a role. Please do not forget that you do not need to be blameless yourself to receive redress for your losses in an accident. In many cases both drivers act inappropriately in one way or another. A legal professional can explain how your negligence may ultimately affect the case.


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