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City Officials Seek to Make Spring Break a Safer Experience

Spring Break. A time-honored college tradition for students to ditch the books and frolic to the beach, leaving all cares behind, but not forgetting to bring their extra-wild behavior. Many spring breakers find their way to the tempting attractions that Panama City Beach has to offer. Perhaps the allure of this destination is in part due to the thousands of other college students seeking to execute their common objective of alcohol overconsumption. Slated as the "Spring Break Capital of the World," it can be logically inferred that these thrill seekers are exceedingly successful in achieving this goal at Panama City Beach. As a result, the disciplinary figures of the community have much to handle during this time due to the foreseeable negative effects of alcohol - particularly an increased risk of car accidents.

USA Today reports that the nature of Panama City Beach's spring break guests has evolved throughout the years. More specifically, the guests have become more rambunctious, creating serious problems. In the past, city officials were faced with handling parking issues or traffic congestion - minor problems compared to the more recent reality of increased car accidents. Students come to the area for more than just a good time. They want to experience the biggest party in Florida, which naturally involves increased alcohol consumption, and unfortunately results in lowered inhibitions and poor decision-making. Our Panama City personal injury lawyer has seen a spike in serving car accident victims.

Although we are proud to serve those hurt in these accidents, it is important to put forth a strong effort to actually prevent these accidents before they cause harm. City officials allude to drastic measures being taken in order to decrease the level of pandemonium in the "Spring Break Capital of the World." City officials are considering outlawing alcohol on the beaches during spring break, with violators being hit with $50 fines. However, before such extreme measures are employed, a different marketing strategy may first be adopted.

Given the current spring break environment in Panama City Beach, the present marketing strategy that appeals to a culture of guests that enjoy raucous crowds and extreme party behavior is being questioned. Such marketing invites the kind of out-of-control behavior that local residents and city officials do not appreciate. Not only does this type of spring break activity increase the risk of accidents, but it also creates a costly situation for the city. According to Wall Street Journal, the spring break festivities typically cost approximately $101 million for the month of March.

It appears that measures have already been taken in the shifting of Panama City Beach's marketing strategy. In 2010, the city ended its relationship with concert promoter mtvU, owned by parent company MTV. To the general public, MTV is recognized as a party-promoting entity, and it has a long-standing reputation for hosting elaborate spring break parties. Severing ties with such the MTV image will help the city revamp its current status as the spring break mecca into a more family-friendly destination.

We are optimistic that the city will continue making strides in its mission to change the common perception of spring break as a vehicle for alcohol-induced partying. Hopefully, the city will be successful in its endeavors to make the spring break experience safe for all those who come to enjoy it.

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