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Important Things To Do and Not Do After an Accident

Although we try to avoid them, car and truck accidents do happen. We wish they wouldn't, but when they happen, it is important for you to know what to do then and in the next few days.

Of course, responsible drivers will stop and identify themselves. And police and medical services will be called. If you are not disabled by injuries at the scene, get witness names and phone numbers, because those people go on their way after a few minutes. Most witnesses leave before the police arrive and have a chance to identify them for accident reports. Make no statements at the scene that can be construed to admit your fault. Save those discussions for your insurance company, not the other driver's, or for your attorney.

At your first opportunity, notify your insurance company even if the claim appears to be small. Settling a claim by yourself is dangerous. Recognize now that if you are in a wreck and are hurt, settling with a powerful insurance company in a scenario orchestrated by an adjuster, who is trained to lead you down a dangerous and unhealthy path, is going to be disastrous for you unless you get legal advice. Right after the wreck, you are likely to get a call from the other driver's insurance company. You aren't obligated to talk to that adjuster, so refuse. Giving a recorded statement to that adjuster often leads to disaster.

For your car, get even minor damage repaired. If you don't, the depreciation in value will cost you a lot more in the long run. When you get it repaired, don't accept just any old parts the insurance company wants to throw your way. Get OEM, original equipment manufactured, parts that come from the car company itself. They are the best quality and will provide better structural integrity for your safety in most cases. Finally, for today, exercise your right to decide which shop will repair your car. Don't allow an insurance company to dictate that choice to you.

Call my office today and mention this blog and I will send you a FREE wallet card listing other important things to remember if you should ever get into an accident. Request a few extra for your family members.


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