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Know Your Rights After An Accident...For Free!

Every year, ten percent of us are involved in auto accidents, whether fender bender or serious. Wouldn't it be nice to have a source of information about what to do, what not to do, and what your rights are if you're in that ten percent? And even better if the information is free?

I have gotten tired of the increasing aggressiveness of insurance companies. After accidents, their adjusters call people within hours of an event, even in hospitals. They are trained to act friendly, gain the confidence of the person who was hurt, and offer a settlement for pennies on the dollar before the victim even knows the extent of the injuries or effects they will have on living in the future. So I made a DVD to answer the questions that most people ask me as an injury lawyer. It's available to you free.

Information is power, so the best way to combat unfair insurance company tactics is to have clear information about what you can and should do after an auto accident. Call me for a copy, send an e-mail, or stop by my office. You will find it filled with useful information.

This DVD will tell you the two most important things to do if you've been hurt. Of greater importance, it will tell you the most important thing not to do. In short, that is to refuse to talk to an insurance adjuster who calls and wants to question you. The sole purpose of that call is to get information that the insurance company can and will use against you. This DVD will give you more information about how to combat that insurance company dirty tactic. It will also answer questions about whether you really need an attorney. For some claims, such as property damage, you may not. For others, you will, so find out when an attorney will be useful.

A common question is: What is the value of my case? That's a tough one to answer, but this DVD will give some guidance to help with that important question. Cases are valued by information that is stored in the head after thousands of cases are handled, but other tools are available to help us. Another common question is, who will pay for my medical bills and lost wages while I'm recovering. These questions are also answered in this free DVD.

It may surprise you to learn that there is a very fast way to get a stream of money coming in to take care of these problems. Many people are worried that they cannot afford the services of an attorney after a collision. Fortunately for injury victims, injury attorneys work for free until they collect money for the victim. If they are unsuccessful, they do not charge for their time, and most do not even charge for the expenses they have incurred.

When successful, they charge a percentage. It's something like a commission. The DVD that you can obtain at no cost from my office will explain in more detail how this works. I encourage you to call or stop by for a copy. Get this information to protect yourself against aggressive insurance companies.


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