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Whether you were injured in a grocery store or outside in a parking lot, you have the right to pursue damages after a slip and fall accident. While many people may think of a slip and fall as a small incident a person can just hop back up from, this is often not the case. Slip and falls may lead to broken bones, damaged spinal cords, head injuries, and many other complications.

From serious medical bills to time missed at work, a slip and fall accident can be challenging to recover from. The Pittman Firm, P.A. is here to guide you through this challenging time.

What makes the firm qualified?

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  • Millions recovered for past clients
  • Award-winning counsel and representation
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Do You Have Grounds for a Slip & Fall Suit?

Proving a slip and fall accident can be challenging. You will need to have a strong grasp of the laws surrounding these types of legal matters and should craft a compelling case that demonstrates the extent of your injuries and suffering. That is why calling on Attorney Pittman can be crucial during this time.

He can help you prove the following:

  • The property owner knew about / should have known about or created the dangerous condition;
  • The property owned failed to make the appropriate corrections; and
  • The unfixed condition caused you to suffer a slip and fall incident and resulting injuries.

The condition must have been foreseeable as a dangerous hazard or issue. For example, if a staircase railing was missing screws and clearly rickety, it could be assumed that a slip and fall or other accident could occur if it wasn’t fixed. If the patron was not able to see the risk, but the owner could have reasonable noticed it and made changes, a claim may be possible.

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From gathering evidence to compiling witness testimonies, having a Florida personal injury attorney on your side can make all the difference in your case. Attorney Pittman reviews every detail involved to ensure he crafts an effective claim on your behalf. With his years of insight and knowledge, he is well-versed in the laws and statutes surrounding slip and fall incidents. When you trust your case to him, you can be confident he is prepared to resolve it in a favorable manner.

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