What to Do After an Accident

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Whether you have never been in an accident before or know the drill, it is important to keep several key steps in mind. No matter how prepared you may feel for an accident, it is easy to get confused, distracted, or overwhelmed. Especially when injuries occur, it can be very difficult to focus on handling all the matters you need to tackle. That is why the dedicated advocate at The Pittman Firm, P.A. is here to help.

The Florida car accident lawyer at their Panama City office understands how challenging this time can be. That is why the firm has compiled a list of what you should do following an accident to ensure you maintain the strength of your claim.

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Steps to Take Following Your Accident

1. Get Medical Attention.

This step should always come first if you are suffering serious injuries. Even if you think your injuries aren’t that major, make sure you seek medical attention as soon as possible. In some cases, you may want to stay around to check off several other steps before going to see your doctor. Still, make sure your primary focus is getting the care you need during this time!

2. Document the Scene.

Taking pictures of the accident scene can be pivotal for building your case. Also, try to capture images of the surrounding areas, traffic lights, signs, etc. to give a full picture for your attorney to work with. More than pictures, make sure you write down everything you remember right away. The longer you wait, the fuzzier your memory will become.

3. Exchange Contact Information.

Check on the other driver if you are able to, then keep it strictly to exchanging information for insurance purposes. The more you talk, the more likely you will say something that can hurt your case, regardless of who was at fault. Also, aim to exchange contact information with any eye witnesses that may support your case.

4. Keep Your Cool.

Even if the other driver cut you off and caused major damage to your vehicle and personal injuries, make sure you keep it strictly cordial with the other party. The more heated this becomes, the more material they have to use against you in court. It could also make it harder for you to get a witness to speak on your behalf. Do your best to keep your cool and avoid confrontation. If the other driver is heated, step away and avoid getting into a discussion.

5. Get a Seasoned Lawyer.

Keep in mind, when an individual suffers injuries in a car accident, these cases become all the more complex. The sooner you get a legal advocate on your side, the better. A car accident lawyer can help you navigate the ups and downs of these cases, make sure the insurance company treats you fairly and stand up for your rights in court if necessary.

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